All the food that’s good to cook — and great to eat!

Come with me on a journey through cuisines, cultures, flavors and spices — with tongue and a recipe or two thrown in

Dosa days

So you thought a dosa was a thing, did you? Well, live and learn

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The spud and the dud

They’re a historic pair, the puffy puri and the potato bhaji. If only they would get along.

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Oh, crab!

To eat Thailand’s most delicious crabs you need their GPS coordinates

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Dummed good!

In which I embark on a perilous journey to make a dummed biriyani

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What Ishtiyaque did with the paan leaf

C Y Gopinath meets a diabolical Lucknow chef and two wickedly original kebabs he created using betel leaves and a jackfruitI occasionally treat myself to the uniquely Indian post-prandial confection that comes wrapped in green leaves, the paan. I respect the...

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Pasta la vista

My son would like to be a capo di tutti cappi when he grows up. He believes this is a matter of getting the accent right. His first words, learned from a Hugo's guide, are: Davanti mia casa, ce uno piccolo giardino, dove coltiviamo ogni sorta di ortaggi — patate,...

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How to cook a Musa Pseudostem

C Y Gopinath discovers how to cook the delicious dish that killed the tender coconut tree but completely re-colonized his gut. Take a medium-sized banana. Chop the pseudostem finely and boil till tender. Spice it and eat while costive. There, that’s how you do it....

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Read and see

For decades, this classic set of three books has been the last word on authentic South Indian cooking, says C Y Gopinath May I offer you some light tiffin? No? A cool drink then? What about a curd bath? It's guaranteed to cool you off. According to the instructions in...

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